Is faith enough?

January 3, 2018

“IS faith enough?” I was asked this very heart-felt, beneath-the-surface question recently. Perhaps there are others wondering that too.

YES, YES, YES. It is my ONLY thing and it is my EVERY thing.

It is super important though, to clarify what faith is to me personally. There are two things to consider:

  1. The object of my faith
  2. The size of my faith

Object of my faith:

  • Is my faith in faith itself... the ability to conjure up something inside of my heart?
  • OR... is my faith in an object – something completely independent of anything I can work-up inside of me?
  • If my faith IS in an object, how trustworthy and reliable is that object?

The size of my faith:

  • Does the size of my faith matter?
  • IF the size of my faith matters, how much is sufficient?

Personally, my faith is in an object, found to be trustworthy and reliable. I do not have the strength to conjure up a state of mind within myself called “faith”. My faith is anchored only in Jesus.

I lean heavily on Jesus for many things: comfort, reassurance, eternal hope, forgiveness of my sins, much-needed clarity as I stumble through the darkness, knowledge of His presence, assurance of heaven… Where do I gain understanding about the object of my faith? Through His Word, the Bible.

What about the size of my faith? There are times in life where my faith seems so small and inadequate! Does Jesus require a certain quantity of faith from me in order to remain reliable and steadfast?

We all remember that common childhood experience: being picked up by daddy and being tossed in the air, only to be caught again. What at thrill! One child can absolutely LOVE that exhilaration. However, another child will have much more reservation…as much as he enjoys the thrill, he will stiffen up and ask not to be thrown very high.

Does that child’s smaller amount of faith in his daddy’s ability to catch him affect the father’s reliability? No, of course not…his Daddy is always steadfast to carry him.

God’s words to my heart:

Jesus taught that if we have faith no bigger than a tiny seed (Matthew 17:20), God will respond to our prayers according to His will, wisdom, and grace (1 John 5:14-15). He hears the faintest cry of our hearts, the feeblest whisper of our lips, and in love He listens and responds to our faith (Matthew 14:26-31).

- Grounds, Vernon. Our Daily Bread. Windsor, ON: Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada, March 10, 2002