April 5, 2018

We are so thankful for the photos we have, AND hearts that are packed-full of precious memories. The photo evidence reminds us that Jordan & Evan lived abundant lives. So many of us were touched by their presence, their love and laughter in our lives. After losing a loved one, those snapshots are SO treasured! Interestingly, I had not given much contemplation to the fact that each of us will have “final pictures” of those we love. It is sobering and undeniable.


Do you have a “last perfect picture” in your mind, before the news of loss came to you?

...a snapshot before a terminal diagnosis.
...a family photo taken long before a painful divorce.
...a picture of a fabulous career before downsizing cuts.
...a grad portrait of your child before a drug-overdose or suicide.

These are very real losses, and the journey through them is fraught with bumps and unexpected detours. Most of the time, you are only seeing about 3 feet ahead on the path. I am learning that the loss of loved ones – especially children – is going to be a lifelong journey.

My brain and heart have a full-time job examining:

  1. my faith in God &
  2. how that actually works-out (in shoe leather) in the midst of very trying circumstances

That is the journey, my friend. Perhaps you too are on that journey. You are in good company.

God’s words to my heart:

Psalm 6:6

I am weary with my groaning:
All night I make my bed swim;
I drench my couch with my tears.